A crafty Halloween

For this year's Halloween festivities we did something completely different as a variation to the usual trick or treating and pumpkin carving.   We paid a visit to the lovely Honey Pottery which has recently opened not too far from us. We've visited a couple of times already, but on this occasion they were holding a special Halloween … Continue reading A crafty Halloween

Weekly Limerick Challenge 4: Spooky

I'm having so much fun taking part in MindandLifeMatters Weekly Limerick Challenge.  This week's theme - for Halloween - is Spooky, so without further ado, here's my effort: A spooky old ghoul in his tower With many a magical power Gave a blood-curdling scream Causing his neighbours bad dreams At Halloween’s dark midnight hour!   Why don't … Continue reading Weekly Limerick Challenge 4: Spooky