Weekly Limerick Challenge: Superstition

It's been a few weeks since I last took part in the Weekly Limerick Challenge, but this week's prompt, 'Superstition' seemed appropriate.  I recently went to see Macbeth - which has a tradition of being somehow an 'unlucky' play - at the theatre.  In fact, after I saw it, a very good friend of mine mentioned … Continue reading Weekly Limerick Challenge: Superstition

Weekly Limerick Challenge: Dark

Here's my contribution for the Weekly Limerick Challenge set by MindandLifeMatters - this week's is on the theme "dark": You can't sleep when the moon doesn't shine, Your fear of the dark just like mine. But some shadows are best for a peaceful night's rest - because stars don't just twinkle online.   (this Limerick … Continue reading Weekly Limerick Challenge: Dark