Twittering Tales #22: 21st March 2017

I've enjoyed taking part in Kat's weekly Twittering Tales challenge to write a tweet-sized story in response to a photo prompt. But my goodness, this one was difficult! I've been staring at this picture since Tuesday and scratching my head. What's it all about? Who is she? Clothes like that make me think of some … Continue reading Twittering Tales #22: 21st March 2017

Microfiction: First Contact

"We saw satellites orbiting your world as we traversed your solar system. Evidence of your advanced civilisation." "They look weird" "We wish to establish peaceful relations between our two worlds" "Maybe they brought some stuff we could use?" "Yeah... but they might want health care. Send them back." 12YO daughter was watching the fabulous Star … Continue reading Microfiction: First Contact