Why parents should have zero-tolerance for sibling rivalry

I’m reblogging this for all my friends who are parents because I think there are some interesting ideas here. I think the ‘us vs them’ dynamic has definitely worked at bringing Grace and Rosie together at times.

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I was recently asked for some advice, as is an occupational hazard. “We’re about to have a second child. How do we prepare our child for the arrival of a sibling, because of the inevitable jealousy?” To my surprise, even before I could answer; my husband who has been well versed in my opinions answered for me.

“She has zero-tolerance on siblings not getting along.”

I was surprised at his succinct synopsis of my position, but “yes”, that is indeed my view. For me, the bond that I have with my two sisters is very important. Even though personality-wise we probably would not have been in the same circle of friends had we been peers, as sisters we are closer than the pre-election polls. Even though I rarely socialise with my siblings outside family events, if anything in my life happened, they would be the first people that I would…

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A Nasty Country? – thoughts on GE2015

Today is drawing to a close in a country that feels somehow smaller. A country where the NHS, which we so proudly celebrated at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, now faces the prospect of being further broken up and sold off to the highest bidder. A country where our children's educationwill be outsourced … Continue reading A Nasty Country? – thoughts on GE2015