A meeting on Bold Street: Flash fiction

"Who knows what the future holds, eh?" "I beg your pardon?" She'd been about to hurry past him. Her head down against the rain, she'd barely noticed the man in the trilby hat walking towards her until he spoke. She looked at him suspiciously. "None of us really know. Want a smoke?" He tucked his … Continue reading A meeting on Bold Street: Flash fiction


Open Letter from Let Our Kids Be Kids – the voice of tens of thousands of parents

Last year I saw for myself the pressure children in Year 6 were put under with the end of primary school SATS. My daughter was taught to jump through hoops and ended up with top marks, but was bitterly unhappy, and a year later actually can't remember any of it. It's horrible to think that … Continue reading Open Letter from Let Our Kids Be Kids – the voice of tens of thousands of parents

To the woman and child who sat at table 9

This is just beautiful so I’m sharing it:

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I did not introduce myself to you. My name is Tony Posnanski. I have been a restaurant manager for fifteen years now.

My day consists of making sure my restaurant runs well. That could mean washing dishes, cooking and sometimes even serving tables. I have also dealt with every guest complaint you can imagine.

A few weeks back you came into my restaurant. I was very busy that night. I was running around helping the kitchen cook food. I was asked to talk to a table close to yours. I did and they said your child was being very loud. I heard some yelling while I was talking to that table. I heard a very loud beep from a young girl.

I started to walk to your table. You knew what I was going to ask. You saw the table I just spoke to pointing at you. I got to…

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