A day out in the 1900’s – Beamish Open Air Museum

I’m always a bit envious of mummy bloggers who produce seemingly effortless blog posts about family days out, interspersing fun facts about the place they’ve visited with adorable photos of their offspring.  Every time we have a family trip somewhere I think ‘maybe I should blog about this’ but somewhere in amongst the bad-weather-lost-gloves-feeling-travel-sick-want-an-ice-cream-I’m-BORED chaos that accompanies all our trips out, I invariably end up losing the will to blog, if not to live, and by the time we get home I just need to lie down.

Anyway, Easter Sunday saw the kirstwrites family at Beamish Open Air Museum, as part of a weekend away in County Durham. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’m always banging on about how much I like museums, but Beamish really is brilliant. It’s not so much a museum as a huge historical theme park, with a painstakingly reconstructed town, colliery and pit village from the 1900’s, a 1940’s farm and much more.  Which means you get history and a nice walk in the fresh air rolled into one – perfect! Continue reading