Echoes of My Neighbourhood: the Singing Ringing Tree

Of all the wonderful ideas I’ve come across in the WordPress community, the Echoes of My Neighbourhood prompt from Jacqueline at must be one of the best. The idea, simply, is to share pictures of your local area so bloggers around the world can get a flavour of different cities, landscapes and environments. How fantastic is that?

We live in West Yorkshire, on the other side of the Pennines from where I grew up, so the journey back and forth across the motorway is a regular one for our family. On our way home last weekend, we went off piste to explore the hills just above Burnley. We went to see the Singing Ringing Tree, a musical sculpture made of steel pipes which capture the wind.


Looking down at Burnley


Pendle Hill in the distance


The Singing Ringing Tree


the pipes close up

The sound they make is amazing! Melodious and discordant at the same time, the best way I can describe it is the music of the wind. You can find out more about the Singing Ringing Tree at the Mid Pennine Arts website – there is even a video so you can listen to the sound they make!

Check out the links to other blogs on Jacqueline’s page above – it’s a great way to travel the world without leaving your chair!


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