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Reason can't stand in for feeling


Can #Socs

Can I do this? Can and can't, words that hold such power. In English, they carry connotations of power, ability, almost strength. Other languages have a different emphasis. I remember a French penfriend in my teens asking me 'tu sais nager?' (do you know how to swim). The question jarred with me. Yes, I knew … Continue reading Can #Socs

6word story challenge: enter up until 9pm GMT Thursday 25th October

Six word story time again! My week off from hosting so I’m looking forward to actually taking part this week.


Loved the Princess stories, I think it is a word that can imply lots of others. Another similar word in that sense is Grandmother; it is often used in newspapers as short hand for female, of certain age with children and grandchildren. What can you do with prompt:


Use it with 5 other words or consider it a title and pick 6 of your own words to tell a story. It can be done! See some tips here!

Words that speak volumes

My attempt:

45year old clubbing with Granddaughter.

All are welcome to take part in writing stories or voting for them,which occurs each week between 9pm Thursday and 9pm Friday. If you are new to the challenge here is some more information.

Further information

The challenge was originally created and hosted for several years by Nicola over at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. Myself and Kirstywrites now take…

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