Writer’s Block

Words made of wood,

recording facts,

what is, what’s said, what’s done.

Where are the words that catch the rainbows in the waterfall mist?

Or paint the whoops of wild laughter as my daughters dance?


Song Lyric Sunday: a song with no lyrics

So Helen’s prompt for this week was a song about predicting the future, or fortune telling. Folks, I’ve got nothing. No inspiration whatsoever. So I’m just going to share a random song I was listening to this evening. I blame the fact that my kids did this (and more) to the kitchen in a baking session this afternoon, I’ve been trying to repair the damage for the last six hours and I’m on my third glass of wine.



baking day at the kirstwrites ranch


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Siegfried Sassoon: The Dug-Out

Siegfried_Sassoon_by_George_Charles_Beresford_(1915)I’ve been writing a lot lately about my favourite First World War poet, Wilfred Owen, (here and here if you’re interested, or go check out the forthcoming Wilfred Owen film, the Burying Party on Facebook) but today I’m giving a shout out to his best friend and mentor, Siegfried Sassoon, who was born on this day in 1886. So in honour of his 131st birthday, here’s one of my favourite Sassoon poems. Continue reading

What Happens to Short Sighted People When the Apocalypse Comes?

I hit ‘like’ on this but it really deserves higher praise, so I’m reblogging. Jamie Dyson (go follow his blog, you won’t regret it) absolutely nails it with this post about the existential fear that nags away at all us speccy-4-eyes folk when we grope for our gig lamps first thing in the morning.

Rerouted Writer

I’m short sighted, and as such need to wear some form of optical enhancement to enable me to function during normal life. My preference has always been contact lenses, although I do occasionally wear glasses, and anyone else who is visually challenged will know that without such things, existing in this world without walking into the path of a speeding bus would be pretty much impossible.

The time had recently come for my annual contact lens check up and sight test, but with moving area and having to change the branch of my opticians, things didn’t exactly go smoothly. Without boring you with administrative details, the delivery of my new lenses was severely delayed because the old and new branch had computers that didn’t get along, and couldn’t therefore agree upon whose responsibility it was to sort everything out for me.

It made me realise how dependant upon this company…

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