Song Lyric Sunday: Consequences

Good evening, Sunday Song Lyricists. Helen’s theme this week was consequences, and the first song I thought of on this subject was Bobby Gentry’s Ode to Billy Joe, which I listened to earlier this week and always sends a shiver down my spine. But I decided against it, mainly because it’s such an American-sounding song and a lot of people who take part in this weekly music fest are from that side of the pond. I thought it might just be a bit obvious. Continue reading


Leave it Jezza, it’s not worth it!

Several years ago I remember waking up in a cold sweat after a nightmare about EastEnders. I think it was about Sonia Fowler – that sweet brainy trumpet-playing girl who fell in love with bad boy Martin after he’d accidentally killed her lovely previous boyfriend, then didn’t realise she was pregnant until she went into labour, gave the baby up for adoption but then had a breakdown and kidnapped the child back.  Continue reading

Song Lyric Sunday: Pain

It’s Sunday night, so time to share a song. Helen’s prompt this week is ‘pain’, which I suspect is exactly what I’m going to be feeling tomorrow morning, after I walked up this bad boy this afternoon (Pendle Hill in Lancashire if you’re interested).

Pendle Hill

That’s me in the foreground; the dot in the distance just before the next wall is, I think, my 12YO daughter, who reached the top about half an hour before I did!  Anyway, I digress. Here’s Johnny Cash, and Hurt. I’m not a fan of his, or country and western music generally, but this is incredible:

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