Today a spatula made me cry

At least I think it’s a spatula. It might be a fish slice, or possibly a palette knife. One of those big kitchen utensils that isn’t a wooden spoon. It’s the thing that in our house is known as the flapjack scraper. Continue reading


Charlotte and Me

Almost exactly a year since I wrote this about my BFF Charlotte. She deserves another shout out.


Charlotte was my best mate while I was growing up. I found her when I was about nine or ten, and I knew instantly that she was my kindred spirit. We were both plain, gawky, too-clever-to-be-cool girls, painfully shy and full of ideas we were desperate to express. I’d never known anyone like her, and I adored her from the first.

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Seven Black & White Photos in Seven Days

This is a bit of a lazy post, but I recently did that thing on Facebook where you post a new black & white photo every day for seven days. The idea was to take a photo each day of some different aspects of your life, without people or explanation. And because this blog is mainly about words, and I hardly ever share photos on here, I thought I’d bring them all together and give some of my WordPress friends an insight into my world.

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Learning to love Thomas Hardy

I couldn’t have been introduced to the poems of Thomas Hardy at a worse time. Starting my English A’Level aged sixteen, with a massive schoolgirl crush on heroic rebel poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, I was not impressed with Hardy’s gentle country bumpkin reflections on the harshness of rural Dorset life.  My poor English teacher was faced with a task equivalent to my parents trying to persuade me to see the merits of the Dubliners compared to the Stone Roses. I was literally about 30 years too young to get it. Continue reading