Six Word Story Challenge: Observation

Watching, learning, while Dad hit Mum. My contribution to this week's Six Word Story Challenge, which I've sadly neglected in recent weeks along with blogging in general. This has been due to a combination of too much to do at work, feeling a bit under the weather and getting very happily caught up in a … Continue reading Six Word Story Challenge: Observation

Getting mad about #mermaidthighs

So, #mermaidthighs is a thing now. In case you didn't know, if your thighs touch this means you've got mermaid thighs. Unlike #thighgap thighs which have a gap in between, and are - it would seem -last year's thighs. #mermaidthighs is apparently a¬†glorious new internet movement enabling women of all different shapes and sizes to … Continue reading Getting mad about #mermaidthighs