2017 Will Be A Fabulous Year!

Some positive thoughts to start the year from fellow blogger Cathy Lynn Brooks. There’s so much depressing stuff out there, and it’s easier than ever to find bad news online, so let’s share some good stuff as well!

Cathy Lynn Brooks

I know that many people were shocked and disappointed that a bigoted, misogynynous, ignorant, pompous millionaire was elected as President of a well respected country. There has been much doom and gloom about the coming year because people are fearful of what is to come. It’s valid to feel that way but what I’ve learned through the laws of attraction is what you concentrate on, or fear, is what you will get. We need to start thinking more positively so that 2017 will be the best year yet.

Personally, 2017 is going to be fantastic. I’m turning 60 in June. You can read more about how I’ve already started to celebratehere.I’ve vowed to start a year of “yes” sometime this year. You can read a short story I wrote about thathere.The final and probably the best reason that 2017 will be wonderful is that after working…

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