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Happy Couple: Twittering Tales 112

He’s been a wonderful husband. Devoted, romantic. Our lives have been full, with the business and the foreign travel. He said children would be a burden. Aren’t I enough for you? he would tease, gripping my hand. I gave in, of course. Took the pills. Sometimes, though, I dream… (278 characters) Written for/ inspired by Kat … Continue reading Happy Couple: Twittering Tales 112

And the 6wordstory winner is XXX censored.


There were 5 stories this week for the prompt censorship and they all xxxxx

got an equal amount of votes. Therefore happy to declare you all winners.

Notice: Unsuitable content has been expunged


I’m not listening. La, La, La!

Politician: Corrupt.
News: Suppressed.
Reporter: Killed.


Rejected: I’m too intense for them.


The secret of life is ####


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