Song Lyric Sunday: Memorial Day

One of the things I love about Helen’s weekly prompt to share a song is the glimpse it gives me into the lives of people in different countries. This week’s theme – a song about the armed forces – is inspired by the fact that it’s Memorial Day in the United States. I’d never heard of this before, but thanks to Helen and Wikipedia I now know that it’s a federal holiday at the end of May to honour those who died while serving in the armed forces.   Continue reading

Song Lyric Sunday: Build me up Buttercup

Happy Mother’s Day American moms!  Flowers seems like a pretty appropriate prompt from Helen this week, not least because I’ve spent all day shoving bedding plants into pots in our tiny patch of back garden, in my annual ‘it’s summer so let’s pretend I know stuff about gardening’ day. Usually what happens after this is that the slugs eat all my handiwork or we have a late blast of snow which kills everything off, I completely lose interest and my husband clears up the waterlogged pots of weeds sometime in October. But who cares, I’ve had a day in the sunshine with 6YO, and produced this little display: Continue reading

Song Lyric Sunday: Consequences

Good evening, Sunday Song Lyricists. Helen’s theme this week was consequences, and the first song I thought of on this subject was Bobby Gentry’s Ode to Billy Joe, which I listened to earlier this week and always sends a shiver down my spine. But I decided against it, mainly because it’s such an American-sounding song and a lot of people who take part in this weekly music fest are from that side of the pond. I thought it might just be a bit obvious. Continue reading