Six word story challenge: Regret

Too late to take part in Saturday's competition set by Sometimes Stellar Storyteller, as I'm catching up after a week's holiday, but here is my take on the theme of regret: He never answered his father's letters.


My ex said: “You’re the one”

Just for fun, I'm taking part in Sometimes Stellar Storyteller's new challenge to write a story in six words or less, based on a weekly prompt.  The first prompt is this: "Write about a tricky situation".  So here goes: My ex said: "You're the one" Why don't you have a try, and see what six … Continue reading My ex said: “You’re the one”

Mondays Finish the Story: I see absolutely everything

Today's challenge on Blogging101 was to take part in a new community blogging event.  As it's been a long time since I wrote any fiction, I thought I'd try my hand at this one: , a weekly flash fiction prompt which challenges you to carry on from an opening sentence - this week's being: "I … Continue reading Mondays Finish the Story: I see absolutely everything