Stars – some nerd reflections #SoCS

Me and the 14YO were talking about the proposed manned mission to Mars that's been in the news recently. Anyone signing up for it will be gone for years and hasn't got a great chance of ever making it home. It's a suicide mission, undoubtedly. 'Would you go, if you got the chance?' I asked … Continue reading Stars – some nerd reflections #SoCS


Flower/Flour #SOCS #StreamofConsciousnessSaturday

I had a friendly squabble with someone about flowers recently. I mentioned that I liked the lavender and hydrangeas in a mutual neighbour's front garden. "Useless filler flowers, they don't do anything" he scoffed.  Do anything? What do flowers need to do, exactly? Judging by the number of bees I've had to skirt round this … Continue reading Flower/Flour #SOCS #StreamofConsciousnessSaturday