A Mother’s Day Cuppa

I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day.  Too commercial, too contrived.  I always wished my Mum happy Mother’s Day and would usually try and remember to put a card in the post, but I think some years it probably arrived on the Monday.  And even when my own kids came along, I have to say I still wasn’t fussed.  I realise this makes me sound like a sour old kill-joy, so in my defence let me say I love the home-made cards with tissue paper daffodils as much as the next Mum, it’s just that I think the little cards and notes your kids write all year round are just as special – if not more so for being spontaneous, surely?

Anyway, I’ve been quite glad to be avoiding supermarkets the last few weeks.  The shoals of emails in my inbox and promoted posts on my timeline encouraging me to spoil my Mum with flowers, experience days, photo-mugs and everything else the free-market economy can dream up have already given me ample opportunity  to dredge through the mounds of regret I feel about all the years when I could have bought my Mum something more than a card, but didn’t.  I really don’t need to walk past more displays of guilt-inducing chocolates-flowers-cosmetics-and-all-the-bloody-rest-of-it while I’m buying groceries.

However, 9YO and 3YO were never going to let me completely ignore Mother’s Day, and this year’s presents are, I must say, a definite 10/10.  Without any apparent collusion between 9YO’s Brownie pack and 3YO’s nursery, I have got a hand-painted mug (just what I needed as my old favourite mug broke a few weeks back) made at last week’s Brownie meeting, and a teapot-shaped card made at nursery.  The teapot-card even came with a small teabag of fancy tea; not one of those herby camomile-type infusions, but proper tea with a twist of something flowery on top.  I do like the occasional cup of fancy tea as a change from my usual builder’s brew, and this one was very nice indeed.  And best of all, totally home-made with no supermarket labels to discreetly peel off!

So on Mother’s Day morning, courtesy of my two beautiful girls, I sat back and had a cup of tea in memory of my Mum, who always made sitting down for a cuppa and a chat feel like special time, not just on Mother’s Day.  Thanks Mum.


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