Weekly limerick challenge 2: Bliss

I was so pleased to be judged the winner of last week’s limerick challenge, having never won anything before in my life!  A very big thank you to Rashmi of MindandLifeMatters.  I will be framing my Amazon gift certificate as my very first writer’s pay cheque!  So here is my first attempt at an entry for this week’s challenge, on the theme of bliss:

It was a true meeting of minds

when they spoke for the very first time.

And their very first kiss

such unutterable bliss

that they knew they were two of a kind.


But you know, I’m a cynical hard-bitten sort of girl, and this schmaltzy greetings-card effort didn’t feel quite right to me.  So I decided to flip it round, and wrote this:


It was NOT a true meeting of minds

They were two of a quite different kind.

But their very first kiss

Was such tingling bliss

That they just couldn’t heed warning signs.


Which do you prefer? Are you a romantic or cynic?!


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