Limerick Challenge: week 45

Glad to be back coming up with limericks for one of my favourite weekly challenges, and big respect to Rashmi for finding time to do this in the middle of Nanowrimo! 

The prompt for this week is this photo, which reminds me of a recent visit we had to


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Beamish open air museum in County Durham, where the recreated school building had slates like this on every desk! One of the highlights of our visit was when oldest child got to take part in a mock 1913 school lesson, complete with standing to attention for the teacher, girls and boys sitting separately, chanting times tables and speaking when spoken to. The look of shock and disbelief on the kids’ faces when they were told off by the teacher for not putting their hands up had all the watching parents chuckling to themselves! So here goes – an ‘old school’ limerick:


In the past, children followed the rules

Sit up straight, pay attention at school

Write the date on your slate

In your best copperplate

Be polite, and don’t play the fool!



8 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge: week 45

  1. Oh, that must have been an amazing trip! At times I feel that some of the “old school” rules did make sense, discipline is an attribute that is nice to have.
    Great limerick, Kirst! Glad to have you back in the challenge! 🙂


    • Thank you! Yes, it’s a great place to visit – and the expression on the children’s faces while this Victorian teacher barked out instructions was just priceless!
      How are you doing with nanowrimo? Hope all is going ok x

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      • Nanowrimo is going pretty well. I am writing most days though not all. I am going back to school for a Masters degree starting January so currently preparing for that as well, but it leaves me with very little time to write for my blog. But I’m hoping to write something whenever I get time.
        How’s everything going by your side? Hope all is well with you and family 😊


      • Like you very busy and wishing I had more time to blog! I’m trying to finish a distance learning course in copy writing before the end of the year, and then hopefully will be in a position to get some freelance work in that area. Best of luck with everything you’ve taken on! Im so glad you post these weekly challenges x

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