Twittering Tales #78: Dying Planet



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When we last visited this planet, the white lines were dividers between each human’s vehicle. So many vehicles, so many people.

Where have they all gone? That one – scan him. Yes, another malnourished, signs of radiation sickness.

Take us out of orbit. There’s nothing left here.

(279 characters)

Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales Challenge – something about the aerial viewpoint and the bleak emptiness of this scene got me thinking about something along dystopian post-apocalyptic lines! Look forward to see what everyone else comes up with, and thanks again Kat for hosting this weekly challenge!

12 thoughts on “Twittering Tales #78: Dying Planet

  1. I had considered an alien view of things before I settled on my forgetful overworked guy in an empty parking lot. 😉 I’m glad you picked up that slant Kirst. If we are being watched by other life forms, I do wonder what they must think of us!

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