Nature Table: #FridayFictioneers


Photo prompt @ Sandra Crook

We were friends, of sorts. He was often angry, withdrawn. Stuff at home, I guessed. I’d heard my folks muttering about his step dad.

“Can I come over tonight?”

“Yeah, you want to stay for tea?”

He shook his head: “Don’t tell your mum. But can I sleep in your barn?”

I must have looked baffled. He glanced towards the teacher’s desk, picked up a shell, studying it closely, lowering his voice “just for one night then I’m gone, see?” he pulled up his sleeve. Fresh purple an ugly bloom over fading yellow. “I’ve had enough. I’m never going back.”

100 words

Is this cheating? I’ve hit a wall with my work in progress, can’t seem to write another word. But seeing this picture gave me an idea for a bit of a back story about events in my leading man’s childhood. Maybe thinking around the story will help me get going again?  Who knows? Anyway, thanks to Rochelle Wisoff Fields and her Friday Fictioneers Challenge for giving me the idea. Follow the link to read other people’s stories on the same photo prompt.


10 thoughts on “Nature Table: #FridayFictioneers

  1. I could imagine him waking in the morning – in the barn – feeling refreshed and still in survival mode – cos that is obviously his life.

    And for back story – ? Maybe:
    It was not the step dad – that guy worked 7 days a week and then was not intimately available for anyone – it was his mom that hit him – not all the time – but sometimes she’d snap – misdirect anger at him – like when he brought a few friends over and things seemed fine – she was confronting him about the day after the friends left – he was sassy “just a few guys” – it escalated to where she said “oh yeah – you going to talk to me like that – raising her hand she said more – from her deeply seeded and unresolved anger (bad childhood – her mother – which is the main character’s grandmother) was raised by nuns who shut her down -(real bad experience for years) so the MC’s mom was raising herself and by 14 was in control of life with independence (her dad was a truck driver so there was money but no warmth and just a lot of emptiness)) she did no drugs – but was pregnant with the MC at 16
    And so maybe – the MC’s momwas the culprit
    Hope that helps and best wishes on your writing

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  2. Dear Kirst,

    I’m not sure how what you wrote could remotely be considered cheating. A prompt is merely that and nothing more. As our Thoreau mantra goes, “It’s not what you’re looking at that matters, it’s what you see.” You wrote what you saw and quite well. You made me feel for this battered boy.



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