#SixWordStoryChallenge – Roll of Honour

So I’ve just published the poll for this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge here – don’t forget to vote! But there’s one thing I haven’t done…

Eagle-eyed followers of the six word story challenge might notice that I haven’t got round to including a list of links to everyone’s blogs as part of the poll post. Mea culpa. I’m sorry, folks. It’s a lovely social thing to do, but it is kind of… well… time consuming to set up all those links. I’m starting to think the most important thing is to get the poll out on time, at a consistent time, so that people know when to look out for it and vote. And that would be preferable than a delayed post with a list of blog links on it.

So this week I’m going to mix things up a bit. Rather than adding the roll of honour to the poll post, I’m offering instead to reblog a post from everyone who has contributed a story this week. I don’t think this will take much longer, as actually the reblog button is a lot easier than copying and pasting URL’s, and I can spread it out over a few days, rather than having a frantic Thursday evening trying to get them all into that post.

So let’s see if that works. And tell me what you think. Do you notice a spike in the number of visitors to your site after Wonderwall/ I share a link on the poll post? Do you think the roll of honour is something we should try and continue? Or would you prefer a reblog, putting your blog in front of a potentially wider audience? Or doesn’t it matter either way? Let me know! (and if you haven’t already, go and vote!)




3 thoughts on “#SixWordStoryChallenge – Roll of Honour

  1. I’m not worried about the Roll Of Honor or reblogs, I know how much effort goes into hosting a challenge like this one. I post a blog every week to promote the challenge when the new word is announced and I post another when the Voting opens. If you want to reblog any of those(Or retweet) that’s fine but not necessary. I also link my blog to Twitter. I figure if I promote your six-word story with easy to follow links it will trickle down to my daily prompt or my blog naturally. I’m here for the fun.

    Honestly, we could leave a link to our blogs on the roll of honor blog post ourselves or we could leave a link like “thedarkneitzen” does. I rather like what he did and might “borrow” his image idea and leave a link with my six-word story from now on to my post.

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