I thought this was a very well written astute summary of our modern lives!


We caught the tail end of everything.
Rebellion Re-branded
And sold back to us.
Pre-ripped jeans.
They resurrected Kurt Cobain
To bring him down to his knees.
Punk is dead
No one is offended anymore.
No matter how full of piercings
Our faces are
No matter how inked our skin.
We tried with emo
The gore of hormones
Hatred turned inwards.

Everything turned inwards.
In relation to us.
Facebook profile pictures
Colouring our faces
With grief and terror beyond us:
Flags, hashtags, masses.
Let’s document everything
That’s been done to death.
Let’s do it wearing a Ramones T-shirt.

And watch as our parents’
Punk teeth fall from their heads
With a grief we never met.

Apathy ODing
Misquoting lyrics
Sold back to us.
Nobody makes a difference.
Nothing makes any difference.
Lazily bombing Iraq and Syria
For the right brand of cereal,
Cloning cows to put milk in it,

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