Am I the only person who sings to my cat?

On June 24th we were reeling from a momentous decision. Since then there have been seismic changes in the fabric of our lives, our culture and our very sense of self… yes, on June 24th Dudley the Brexit cat arrived in our house and turned it all upside down. 13495111_1238758942825511_5934753828564839321_nIn the last six weeks, he’s revealed something of a split personality: on the one hand an almost dog-like willingness to play with and be fawned over by the children, on the other, he’s gone out and picked fights with just about every other cat on the street. 12YO and 5YO adore him, and I must admit that, despite the cat hair on the carpet, I’m getting quite fond of him.  The upheaval he’s caused is certainly a much nicer kind than political upheaval in the outside world.

But here’s a thing that’s troubling me: singing to cats. Is it just me?  Many years ago, the Meanwood Rambler and I had a lovely cat called George.  George and I had a special bond, and when we were alone, I used to sing to her, to the tune of The Great Escape:

“George cat

Oh Georgie George Cat

George cat, oh Georgie Georgie George cat”


(if you’re not sure how it goes, try and sing along with this:)


Now, I always put my loopy singing-to-the-cat thing down to the fact that George was my first cat and because we’d had her from a very tiny kitten, she was very affectionate.  I didn’t foresee that over a decade later, I’d find myself singing to a cat who, nice as he is, I’m pretty ambivalent about. Of course, it would be an insult to George’s memory to sing The Great Escape to Dudley. Oh no, he has his own tune.  I don’t know how, or why, but Dudley’s song is the theme tune of Captain Pugwash. Like so:

Oh the Duddle the Pud, the Duddle the Pud

The Dud the Dud the Duddle the Pud

the Duddle the Pud, the Duddle the Pud

The Dud the Dud the Duddle the Pud

the Duddle the Pud, the Duddle the Pud

The Dud the Dud the Dud…

It’s making me think about TS Eliot’s Book of Practical Cats, and the idea that each cat has its own secret name which it likes to sit and meditate on.  What if cats don’t have a secret name, but a secret tune? A tune which can only be divined by its most loyal humans, and, once the cat has assumed its rightful position as head of the household, must be sung ever after as a hymn in the cat’s honour?

Please, please, somebody tell me I’m not the only person who sings to their cat?


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